The purpose

of the New Jersey Association of Conservation Districts is to conduct educational, scientific and charitable work concerning the conservation, maintenance, improvement, development and use of land, soil, water, trees, vegetation, fish and wildlife, open space and other renewable natural resources.


"I have applied to many scholarships... but no other donor's purpose statement resonated with me as much as the NJACD's. To know there is a local group that focuses on education & scientific research while raising awareness and working on the management of natural resources in the state is reassuring... As an Officer of the Rutgers Naturalist Club, my fellow club members and I also strive to educate and encourage interest in the natural world... since we believe global change starts at the local level." - Angela Monaghan, 2015 NJACD Conservation Memorial Scholarship Award winner

Fred Hough, seen here with fellow Barbara Rosko, fellow Sussex County Soil Conservation District Supervisor, Barbara Rosko, received special recognition at the 2015 Annual Conservation Partnership Conference, October 27th for 45 years of service.
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Special Recognition Awarded for Years of Service to New Jersey's Soil Conservation Districts.

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